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about   The Computermeister can help

Computer problems? Need to network your computers? New to the Internet? Software training? With years of experience with setting up, maintaining and troubleshooting Windows and Mac computers, networks and software, I can help to get out of trouble - and show you how to stay out of trouble.

For office and home computer users, nothing is more frustrating than having something go wrong with your computer. To get it fixed, you must leave your office or home and take it to a repair shop where it takes days or weeks. Let The Computermeister come to you on your schedule for your computer repair needs.

Emergencies, weekend appointments, service contracts? No problem! Just one call will take care of all your computing needs. Kai, The Computermeister can help. Call 213.254.7480

monitortechnical assistance
- Computer hardware buying assistance
- Hardware troubleshooting
- Software troubleshooting
- Add/exchange hard drives
- Exchange video cards, network cards and modems
- Transition to a new operating system (Win98 to - WinXP, Mac OS 9.x to Mac OS X)
- Transferring your files to a new computer
- Virus protection
- Add memory
- Designing and creating computer networks
- Setting up, maintaining and troubleshooting
Windows and Mac computers -and networks
- Virus protection
- Choosing the right Internet connection
- Hook you up to the Internet
- Help you with e-mail set up
- Virus and spyware protection
- Using the Internet
- Using e-mail programs
- Virus protection
- Microsoft Windows
- Apple Mac OS X
- Microsoft Office for Mac/Windows
- Printing, Scanning
- iMovie/ iPhoto/ iTunes
service area   socalServicing the Los Angeles Metro area, The Computermeister provides computer repairs, upgrades, network installations for small business and home users across LA and Orange Counties, and the greater Palm Springs area. Other areas upon request.

Kai, The Computermeister can help.
Call 213.254.7480

computer help
fees   My hourly or flat rates are reasonable. Rates starting at $75 for the first hour, and $60 thereafter. No rush fees. Weekend appointments upon request.
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computer help
contact   The Computermeister
Kai Bowden
Los Angeles · Long Beach · Palm Springs
e-mail: kai(at)

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